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Give your kid some space this summer… outer space! The Challenger Center's week-long SPACE EXPLORERS summer camp programs, designed for kids entering grades 2 through 7, will give your child a fun-filled, science-based, learning experience that will last a lifetime!

No matter which weeks of camp you choose, campers will build with LEGO products, create programs in our computer lab, watch astronomy shows in our planetarium, construct objects using 3D printers, and "fly" missions in our NASA-designed simulators.

SPACE EXPLORERS in both our Senior and Junior camps will explore the wonders of space science with lots of engaging hands-on projects and activities.

  • Senior campers will construct autonomous robots using NXT Mindstorms, and will train just like real pilots using our new and realistic flight simulators.

  • Junior campers will use LEGO® We-Do kits to build and program various toys and automated animals to move and make music. They will also work like NASA space scientists designing and building their own "pop" rockets, and then experience the thrill of launching their creations into the wild blue yonder.

  • All campers will experiment with the fundamental aerodynamic forces associated with aircraft and rocket flight; discover what it is like to train like an astronaut; and learn about many of the cosmic mysteries of the universe.

  • All campers will learn about the weird and wacky science behind phenomena people encounter in the home every day. They will investigate the science involving invisible energies, learn about the wonders of nature and the environment, explore the amazing world of electricity, and will also create useful items, objects, and beautiful bling using the Center's new 3D printers. Hardcore LEGO® enthusiasts as well as new LEGO® buffs will design, build, and even write LEGO® programs using a variety of engaging LEGO® based products.

Registration begins at 8:00am on Monday, February 6, 2017
The Challenger Center will also host
additional weeks of science-based camps this summer

The mission...to learn, to explore, to inspire...continues.
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