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Return to the Moon
The year is 2015 and for the first time since the last Apollo mission a crew of astronauts is returning to the Moon in order to establish a permanent self-sustaining settlement that will eventually become a stepping-stone for planetary exploration by humans. The crew must work together to accomplish the tasks necessary for a successful landing, but will they be able to solve the emergencies they encounter along the way?

Voyage to Mars
The year is 2076 and a now routine voyage to Mars has brought the latest crew into orbit around the red planet. Control of the incoming flight has been trasferred to Mars Control located at Chryse Station on the surface of Mars. The new crew must replace the existing crew on Mars and continue the scientific work being done at the station, but will the transfer and liftoff be jeopardized by the dust storms that plague the red planet?

Rendezvous With A Comet
The year is 2036 and a crew of astronauts aboard a small and maneuverable spacecraft is performing the tasks necessary to rendezvous with and collect material from the comet Encke. Since it orbits the sun every 3.3 years, the comet Encke is observed often from earth, but will the crew be ready to respond to the unpredictability of the many small and mysterious objects in our Solar System?

A visit to the
Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center
is not just a field trip - its an interactive learning experience that engages students and allows them to perform the same "hands-on" tasks that are done by real astronauts, engineers, researchers, and scientists. In short, the mission simulators allow students to apply the concepts they learn in school to real-life situations and problems. Working with a team, accepting responsibility, experiencing shared trust, and building communication and problem solving skills are lessons that can never be over emphasized by children or adults. In education, this is the right stuff.

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This list will provide teachers with resources and ideas for the classroom, including experiments, lesson plans, and more.

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This list will provide students with useful and entertaining resources as well as ideas for science projects, experiments, and more.

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Challenger Center officials have created a positive experience that raises students' expectations of success and inspires them to pursue mathematics, science and technology through participation in simulated space adventures.

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