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Professional Development Information
We offer professional development for teachers whose schools are participating in the Town of Ramapo Challenger Learning Center's program, or for teachers who want to learn a new scenario. There is no additional charge for this service.

We offer FREE professional development training for teachers participating in the Town of Ramapo Challenger Center school programs.

Prepare Yourself and Your Class for Our State-Of-The-Art 21st Century Programs!

Your students will now experience our updated software missions that meet New York State Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), feature 21st Century Skills, and include Problem Based Learning and STEM! This means more student-centered learning activities which emphasize critical thinking, problem solving, communication, cooperation and teamwork!

During half-day training sessions teachers will:
  • Learn how to prepare students for their simulated space mission.

  • Receive mission-prep materials for their students.

  • Learn about the newest missions students can fly.

  • Participate in a mini-mission.

  • Take home cool space-related gifts.

Training is highly recommended. Schedule Your FREE Training Session Today! For more information about professional development opportunities, contact the Challenger Center at: 845-357-3416 or e-mail: director@lhvcc.com

For more information about or question regarding professional development offered at the Town of Ramapo Challenger Center, contact our director at: 845-357-3416 or e-mail us at: director@lhvcc.com
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